About Us

    JANHABI TRAVELS  has quickly earned the reputation for excellence and setting the performance standard for customer satisfaction by providing innovative travel web services for today's expanding ecommerce marketplace.We, become partners taking your business to the next level with the power of professionally-designe tour programme. Your success and complete satisfaction is our number one priority. You will find that we are committed to nothing less than our absolute best!

    Janhabi Travels Professionals share one objective: to serve the unique needs of discerning travelers. JANHABI Travel Network is a co-operative of the travel industry's leading retail travel agencies with more than 27 office locations who serve thousands of clients from around the world. The network, established more than 30 years ago. This buying power is leveraged to deliver the best value to its clients. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, a Signature affiliated travel consultant will create travel experiences that are yours alone, shaped by your needs, tastes and dreams.
    This includes cruise lines, tour operators, safari outfitters, hotels, airlines, adventure travel providers, rail, flightr,car rental and limo companies. The companies Signature selects are eminently reputable and committed to delivering on the promise they make to you, the consumer. JANHABI TRAVELS  resources guarantee your journey will exceed your expectations.
    With our broad and deep global hotel content, you and your customers have all you need, all in one place. You can see unrivalled, up-to-date content and book rooms quickly and efficiently. Everything is fully automated and integrated for mid-and back-office.